At the end of year 2001 we became the distributor and service of the best-known Japanese manufacturer of optician equipment and instruments, NIDEK. From Nidek's offer of machines and instruments we point out:

SE-9090 - lab lens edger

Designed in laboratory for a laboratory as the result of several years of research. From sturdy housing to dual-purpose grinding wheels, SE-9090 is a very industrious worker, and the advanced RISC CPU microprocessor secures 99,9% accuracy on all types of materials, while storing a large library of digital frame shapes.

Precision starts with the sturdy housing - robust base makes SE-9090 a powerful industrial machine linked to an RISC CPU microprocessor - powerful industrial-strength servo drive motors mean continuous-run capabilities and more profits for your lab. Source of precision - innovative design with vertically set dual-spindle grind wheels automatizes the process in a way previously not possible in a laboratory. It performs each action separately but in a combination, dual-spindle edger displays invaluable performance for the new millennium.

LE-9000 SX/LX - lens edger

- Compact housing resistant to shock and mishandling,
- Diamond plates which allow for greater number of grindings with increased precision and long duration,
- Currently the only machine that can be ordered in a version featuring 5 diamond plates,
- Computer forming of grooves for silk frames,
- Computer forming of outer and inner protective bevel,
- Fastest and most precise copying of frames (tracer), 30% faster than competition,
- Automatic copying of pattern and dummy lenses,
- Equally good at processing of all types of dioptric lenses (grinds and polishes mineral, CR-39, polycarbonate and acrylic lenses),
- Ideal for networking with satellite tracers (one grinder works easily and dedicatedly for more services),
- Latest software,
- Large memory for storage of tracing patterns.

LE-7070 - patternless lens edger

- Eliminates the need for additional equipment
- Exclusive 3D technology
- Edges glass, CR-39 and polycarbonates
- Exceptionally simple to operate
- Compact modular design
- New microprocessor technology
- Self-diagnostics
- Automatically traces both lenses, right and left
- Super-fit software
- Constant communication with control PC
- Built-in possibility for communication with a satellite office

ICE-2000 - intelligent blocker

Intelligent blocker ICE-2000 is used for blocking of lenses with the mould for dioptric lenses. Blocking of lens in the mould is necessary in order for the machine to edge the lens. ICE-2000 optically and electronically recognizes the outer shape of the uncut lens, traces it and blocks it in the wanted position in the mould. The main feature of this instrument is that it recognizes and shows the outer shape of the uncut lens using the integrated CCD camera, and compares it with data on the wanted shape, which is showed on the LCD display. The process itself very easily recognizes whether the circumference of the uncut lens is adequate for achieving of the wanted shape, and if it is, it starts with blocking of the lens right away. ALM (auto lensmeter) can block a lens without marking the optical center of lens with a lensmeter, which was conventionally necessary. ICE-2000 is equipped with the alignment error corrective function.

C-99 - blocking machine

Equipped with camera and color display, binocular vision, corrects all parallax errors, data transfer (up to four units can be connected simultaneously: edgers or tracer). Centering of lens is carried out through keyboard commands. Memory holds 900 shapes, which are easily read with a CCD optical reader.

CE-1 - BLOCKER, simple and reliable

- Mechanical device for centering of lenses
- Exceptionally easy to operate and maintain
- Includes an adapter for blocking of multi-power lenses
- Saves space and energy
- It can be incorporated with any edger

HANDY - hand grinder

ABS material resistant to shock and corrosion. Infrared sensor allows automatic start / stop of operation - two-way movement of diamond wheels (forward / backward), increases speed and the number of processing on the same machine. Based on European Craftsmen Association's recommendation, it was fitted with a permanently lubricated ball bearing, which allows extremely quiet work without vibrations. There is also the possibility of closed water supply system (reservoir and pump) or of open electric valve.


Proizvođač optičkih uređaja R.O.M. iz San Marina:

DRILLMILL - machine for drilling and processing of lenses
- Parallel drill for symmetrical drilling,
- Specially designed for all types of lenses that must be drilled when fitted,
- Allows drilling and shaping of holes on all organic lenses, for all types of frames,
- Allows simple and precise drilling, thus saving valuable time,
- Drills left and right lens in perfect symmetry requiring only simple setting,
- Allows perfect axis and P.D. setting,
- Allows thermal building in of supports in thermoplastic materials,
- Allows perfect and simple fitting into frames.


A respectable Japanese company leads in the optical industry keeping 29 % of the world market for the production of lense edging machines. In the optical and ophthalmological industry the name NIDEK has been associated with well-known Japanese quality and long duration for many years. In the production range there are all sorts of lense edging machines and broad spectrum of optometric instruments.

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We are glad to announce that we have become the exclusive representative of the renowned world companyes: