About us

Dea Lens LLC is company for manufacture and trade of eye and instrumental optics. It was founded in year 1992 with the purpose to ease growing activities of Eye Optics Lens, which was established in 1989 as independent optician's craft.

In its successful business operations DEA LENS has achieved the level which was crowned with the award of the ISO 9001 standard certificate. As the first company in the field of eyeglass optics and optician equipment, DEA LENS business operations were certified by two renowned certificate bureaus: Bureau Veritas at the international level, and the first Croatian certificate bureau, Croatian Register of Shipping at the level of the Republic of Croatia.

This is just another proof of our professionalism and seriousness, and the result of our constant striving to increase the quality of products and services.

Quality Policy and Goals
The mission of DEA Lens is to satisfy all customer requests and at the same time to secure the highest quality product and professional service combined with the best innovations in the world of eye and instrumental optics. DEA Lens will be successful in the market only through the constant improvement of the quality of its products and services.

Our quality goals are:

1. Through development of DEA Lens, current and future customers (optician shops) always must receive:
- needed optical instruments and apparatus for opticians work
- all types, dimensions and versions of optical lenses, including those made from the latest materials and incorporating technological achievements

2. Market competitiveness in delivery of quality optical lenses lies in delivery periods, and therefore our next quality goal is the improvement of speed of manufacture and distribution of lenses, with the decrease of mistakes in delivery.

3. Increase the annual share in the Croatian optical lenses market in the next three years.

4. Enter the neighboring markets with a 5 - 10% turnover increase in year 2005.

We will achieve these goals with participation of everyone in DEA Lens, if everyone builds in their personal ability, motivation, readiness to cooperate and responsibility.

Dea Lens LLC activities today are:

- Manufacture and finishing of dioptric lenses,
- Import and export of semi-finished and finished dioptric lenses,
- Import and export of optician and ophthalmic equipment and instrumentation,
- Representation of companies from the field of eye and instrumental optics,
- Retail activities in area of eyeglass optics (optical services).

The main goal is organization and speeding up of export-import jobs of purchase of quality production materials and their incorporation in products that comply with highest world standards, as well as finding a market for them. Dea Lens LLC currently employs 23 full-time employees, as well as 3-5 part-time employees, with following educational structure:

- Higher education - 4 employees,
- Secondary education - 19 employees

Company's headquarters are situated in Osijek, city in northeastern Croatia, whose geographical location allows live business interaction with markets of neighboring countries. This fact offers additional potential and perspective in our development.

Through width of our activities, we have endeavored to encircle the optician profession in its entirety, which is a nearly impossible task because of its complexity and constant progress.


for manufacture and trade with eye and instrumental optics, import-export

Osijek, J.J. Strossmayera 150
tel:  (031) 310 111
fax: (031) 310 110
email: dealens@dealens.hr


We are glad to announce that we have become the exclusive representative of the renowned world companyes: